This deluded yet charming stegosauras will make you feel like a kid again…


There’s something about this short animation that makes me feel all warm, gooey, and nostalgic inside.

It takes me right back to my childhood.

I think it’s the narration that does it.

Or maybe it’s the charming story starring a bumbling pea-brained stegosaurus by the name of Wayne (but who thinks his name is Bob).

Of course it COULD be because it’s about a dinosaur and, well, dinosaurs are just plain cool.

(You can’t even BEGIN to argue with that one, so don’t even bother to try.)

Whatever it is, I approve.

I think you will too.

Wayne The Stegosaurus from aran quinn on Vimeo.

Awesome animation by: Aran Quinn
Stupendous story by: Kenn Nesbitt
Hat tippage: Everything Animated