Sometimes nature has a strange sense of humor…


This new “snub nosed” monkey was recently discovered in the remote Himalayan forests of Burma.

What WAS nature thinking? Seriously, this is proof that nature has a really strange sense of humor. The poor things literally have sneezing fits every time it rains.

No…I am NOT kidding.

The locals say that even though there are few of them they are quite easy to find because all you have to do is wait for a rainy day and listen for the sneezing. They generally spend rainy days hunkered down with their head stuck between their knees. But I suppose that gets boring and every once in awhile they brave looking up and the sneezing commences. Nice going nature…tsk.

It turns out that they are critically endangered with a population of somewhere between 260 and 330. So good luck little guys…I hope you make it despite nature’s cruel little joke.