Slow Loris + Tiny Umbrella = Sheer Adorableness Like You’ve Never Seen Before


I sat on this one for a few days because I was a bit torn.

I mean the blow-your-mind cute of it clearly screams, “POST ME!”

But of course the rational part of my brain had to chime in and say, “But Alice the Slow Loris are a threatened animal population. No matter how adorable they are they do NOT belong in homes as pets. So you can’t run this video because clearly that Loris is not hanging out in the forest where he should be.”

After much internal debate I decided to run the video, but with the message that these little guys are much cuter in the forest hanging out with their other Loris friends eating bugs and stuff. So no more Loris pets people!!

Ok, that said get ready to have your head explode with the cute….