Look it’s a David Lynch tribute rap…


Young man rosy cheeks in a suit and tieYes folks…I kid you not…it really IS a tribute rap to the master of all that is strange, weird, and uncomfortable himself…David Lynch.

Here writer, filmmaker, comedian, and apparently rapper Daveo Mathias…aka Cancer Merchant…performs his rap BLUE VELVETTE.

I can’t find much on Daveo. I mean it’s not like he’d hard to find online. He has a website. And a Twitter, And a Google+. And a member page at Funny or Die. Etc..etc..etc…clean cut rosy cheeked young man in glasses and red cardigan

Perhaps the best clue is that he has a page at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater’s page.

But details of just WHO he REALLY is seem a tad scarce.

I think it’s safe to say he’s a funny creative type and a performer and leave it at that. Or, as he put it, “Daveo Mathias is a person that writes & performs in Los Angeles & other Earthly areas.”

Oh and for those with sensitive sensibilities or ears don’t click there are more than a few blue words in BLUE VELVETTE.

For the rest of you…if you’re a Lynch fan, or just familiar with his work…enjoy or something…