Flashmob-ish Beethoven is beautiful


It was a big anniversary (130th) of some bank (Sabadell Bank) in Spain. They wanted to do something nice to celebrate. So they threw what they’ve called a flashmob.

Not sure it meets the classic definition for one. But who gives a heck cause their playing Beethoven!

Big thanks clearly goes to the Sabadell for giving us this beautiful break from the ugliness, but especially to the 100 musicians from the Orquestra Simfònica del Vallès y los coros Lieder y Amics and the de l’Òpera y la Coral Belles Arts.

Hearing Ode to Joy always makes me misty eyed. So much joy and and just a tinge of sorrow all rolled into one beautiful package. (I just can’t help thinking of the sadness and isolation he must have felt as his hearing started to go.)

Happy contented sigh.