Apparently porcupines confuse Christmas with birthdays…oh…wait…


Porcupine in a Santa hat eating a Christmas cookieShh…let’s not embarrass him, but apparently porcupines don’t quite get the difference between wishing you a Merry Christmas and wishing you a Happy Birthday.

Well…at least Teddy doesn’t seem to get it.

Oh he’s all decked out in his Christmas finest and he’s chomping on a Christmas cookie. (Don’t ask him to share it…we’ve also found out through the informative intertubes that porcupines don’t like to share).

And he…of course…is chatting up a storm as porcupines (or at least Teddys) are wont to do.

But when asked to wish us a Merry Christmas Teddy blurts out what kinda sorta sounds like, “Birthday!”

Now, granted porcupine is not one of the many languages I speak fluently. But I don’t think by any stretch of the imagination could this be consideredร‚ย  “Merry Christmas.”

Hm…then again Christmas IS someone’s birthday. So perhaps Teddy is simply trying to remind us of this.ร‚ย 

Great…way to go and get technical on us Teddy. Awkward. We just simply wanted to see a porcupine in a Santa hat say “Merry Christmas.” Is that really too much to ask? (Sheesh…give a porcupine a little internet fame and all of a sudden he turns into a full-fledged Diva.)

Teddy is Talking Porcupine in Residence at Zooniverity. in Texas. To learn more about Teddy and his friends you can visit their website here.