And you thought Excel wasn’t cool…


Excel and I have had a love hate relationship over the years.

But suddenly YouTube denizen MysteryGuitarMan has sent my respect for Excel soaring.

He took the whitebread blandness that is Excel out for a spin, put her through her paces, and returned home with a hella impressive stop-motion music video done entirely in Excel spreadsheets.

First up a few screen captures (WOW that was clearly a LOT of work…impressive MysteryGuitarMan!) and then BOOM the main course video at the bottom.

Pixelated picture of a dancing man

Pixelated picture of man playing guitar with word Rumba behind him

Pixelated picture of man in a hat playing guitar.

Pixelated picture of man singing with word boom behind him.

And now the video. Press the play button and prepare to be impressed…