And today’s stumble across it retro illustration love goes to…


Painting of a golden brown hamster on a black background…these charming illustrations from 1964’s “Good senses and instincts: Biography of a hamster.”

Writer and illustrator Ruth Tzarffati both wrote and illustrated this tale of a beloved gold-colored hamster.

The text is in Hebrew so I don’t know the details of the story. But the illustrations are all kinds of retro good….*swoon*.

I went in search of some info on Ms. Tzarffati and found out she is a painter and sculptor as well and I found this very brief biography here (looks like the T was dropped at some point?).

You can see a full scan of the book here.


Black and white illustration of two hamsters


Illustration of a golden brown hamster on a perch


Black and white close up illustration of a chubby hamster


Illustration of 7 golden brown hamsters