A six finger evolution?


So I ran across this random picture labeled “High Six” in my RSS reader today (came in courtesy of Woosk)…

And I got to wondering how common six digits on a hand are. I quickly found this video…

And this one (six digits both hands and on one foot…with the other foot having it looks like seven!)…

And it occurred to me that instead of a mutation polydactyl was perhaps evolution at work.  I mean clearly a fully functional six finger hand is (potentially) far superior to a common old five finger one. Considering how much time we spend clacking away on our keyboards these days seems like a natural step forward. 

Of course from an evolutionary standpoint the six-fingers would have to beat us five-fingers at the game of life becoming more productive and reproductive. But come on they have 6 fingers..why the heck wouldn’t they?

For any 6’rs out there who have hopes of squashing us 5’rs on the evolutionary scale I suggest you start a dating service for 6’rs. Since our 5 finger set up is a recessive gene anyway it shouldn’t take long for you to get a leg up on us.

But then you are going to have to be sure to prove the superiority of your six finger set up so you need to get jobs where you would excel…perhaps a pianist playing heretofore unplayable music or a factory line worker beating the pants off your fellow line workers in productivity. And for goodness sake keep reproducing!

Couple centuries from now you will dominate our world…mu ha ha ha!

(Any of you students of evolution out there…yes I know this is totally wrong and bears no resemblance to REAL evolution…so just hush you.)