Whistling 80’s guy I think I…I think I looove you…


Young buy looking stunned with mouth openSometimes the internet sneezes and something wonderful appears.

Such is the case with this recently resurfaced video of the ultimate 80’s guy proudly sporting his flowing, feathered, and mulleted locks and nearly epic ‘stache.

And just as you find yourself getting lost in those dreamy 80’s eyes he opens his mouth and the sound that come out…oh the sounds.

You too will fall in love with 80’s guy. You will be powerless to resist.Young girl white shirt looking stunned with mouth open

Sure he’s whistling, but it’s oh so much more than that. This is whistling the likes of which you’ve never heard before.

This is whistling that hypnotizes (which is clear by the many flabbergasted looks that are cut to in the audience). You will sit stunned wondering how you never knew that whistling could sound like that.

Prepare yourself to be moved and then when you feel ready…and only then…press play.