When Overexposed is a Good Thing: 11 “Less is More” Photos


I have a “bad” habit of overexposing shots.

From time to time the overexposed photo happens on purpose. And then there are also, of course, a lot of happy accidents along the way as well.

At times, for whatever reason, I feel like an overexposed photo is the perfect compliment to the subject material. On those occasions it just “works,” and paradoxically I get something MORE out of the shot when there is LESS detail.

Sometimes an overexposed photo can reveal MORE


There’s something special that can happen when the details are softened and faded… a certain ephemeral lightness that exists only in that moment inside that shot.

To dive WAY to deep into this. I imagine in some ways it’s like what a sculptor does with a piece of marble or stone. He reveals something to the world that only he can see.

And by overexposing a photo I’m able to reveal something that no one would have been able to see otherwise as well.

Here are a few of my “less is more” favorites (click on the photos to see them against a darker background which makes them appear more crisp):


Overexposed train station Baltimore
Overexposed flying monkey in a basket with flowers
Overexposed traffic cop on a movie set Mount Vernon Baltimore
Overexposed tulips
Overexposed bare trees
Overexposed woman on a bike
green dragonfly
vintage car and man move set Baltimore
building detail
black cat climbing a tree