Two..that’s right 2…for the price of 1


In my usual fashion I stumbled across a musician–actually two…well sort of but not really–that I was unaware of before this morning. Oh and an artist to boot. So really it’s like 3 for 1 rather than the 2 for 1 I advertised in the title.

The route for me, more often than not, is happening upon a video that looks of interest. This is the case this morning when pre-coffee I happened upon a video for Black Mold’s ‘Spiderwebs” from the album “Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz” on the Flemish Eye label. I have a certain fondness for animation which is why I clicked to check it out. The animation is done by Chad VanGaalen. Good stuff.

Then cause I am a googling whiz (for the record I hate the use of goggle as a verb…fought it for years…have realized it is a losing battle…gave up) I dug up a little more info and found out that the animator Chad VanGaalen and Black Mold are one in the same.  You can find some of his music on  his Chad VanGaalen MySpace page as well as on the Black Mold MySpace page.

Enjoy the video…

Black Mold: Metal Spiderwebs from Flemish Eye on Vimeo.