Touched by a Wild Mountain Gorilla…


This incredible video is footage of a chance encounter with a group of wild mountain gorillas near Bwindi National Park, Uganda.

They are such magnificent animals and I’m horrified when I think of the unspeakable things we have done to them. And yet they still are willing to give us a chance.

I can’t believe how brave their gorgeous silverbacked leader is bringing his family to meet the humans. When you see him on camera you can sense you are in presence of a true leader…gentle but strong and in control.

When he stands quietly by and allows the curious little one to spend a few moments checking out the strange human being before gently, but firmly, moving him along my heart melted.

And when he then sat with that human himself allowing his children to be in his presence…well…I’m guessing that must be the greatest gift he possibly could give and the most spectacular one anyone could ever hope to receive. And you can tell by the guy named John’s whole-faced grin that he absolutely agrees.

Heart-melting moments include one of the babies briefly touching and grooming John’s hair and then one of the momma gorillas doing the same (must be that “silverbacked” hair of his).

Pure magic. Let’s just hope we don’t mess things up so badly that we don’t get many many more of these wonderful moments in years to come.