Today’s stumble-across-it love goes to…


…this adorable etching by Michel Fingesten. It comes to us circa 1923 and I have much love for it. Perhaps I’m feeling the love because I just finished reading a good book with a lot of monks in it. But I really think I’d be enthralled with it anyway.

I mean look at that trying-so-hard monk doing his darnedest to pray away temptation…the horny little unhelpful goat…and the adorable perky behind of the naughty temptress trying to lead our hero astray. So perfect.

It reminds me of a pen and ink I have on the wall in my dining room. I found it one day in the back room of a thrift store many years ago. It’s of a guy in a yarmulke…possibly a Rabbi…looking at a nude painting on a wall in a museum I suppose. There’s something so sweet and amusing and human about it. I wonder if the artist of my pen and ink was inspired by this piece.

[Via ClassicalGraphics]