Thought Bubbles…


I often have little random thoughts chasing around my brain that bubble to the surface and I think “I should blog about that.” Then reality sets in and I realize that one random thought does not a blog make. Not that I haven’t been guilty ofbubble head doing it before on a number of occasions. But I am trying to be more disciplined here. So in the spirit of that I thought I’d share a grouping of those random thoughts that are bubbling near the top today.

Random #1 – If you are a fast food restaurant that specializes in chicken (that is chicken is what you DO) it is unacceptable to run out of chicken. What do you mean it will be 15 minutes for chicken? What else am I going to eat? Coleslaw and a biscuit for dinner it is! You know who you are and you ought to be ashamed.

Random #2 – Snow Monkeys are so incredibly adorable. I mean what is cuter than a little old man looking monkey taking a hot steam bath in the snow?

Here is a Snow Monkey video to prove my point.

Random #3 – Nimrod is just flat out a funny word. I don’t care if it can mean hunter. I don’t think it is possible to use it in a sentence and have someone take it seriously.

Random #4 – There are certain words or phrases I detest. Hearing them, or reading them, is like fingernails on a chalkboard for me. Among them are bucketlist, gone missing (but only on the lips of an American…VERY important distinction there), and apps (when speaking of appetizers…luckily with the advent of phone apps the potential for confusion is causing this one to die a none-to-soon death). Can’t list more in one place than that or my enemies could bring me to to my knees by reciting them all at once.

Random #5 – “Concept Designs” drive me a bit nuts. I mean the problem is I run across all these neat, cool, amazing and beautiful things that I am happy are in the world only to find out they exist only in the mind of their conceiver. I realize they are tossed out there into the Net in the hope that someone will pony up the needed funds to make them a reality, but all to often they are destined never to see the true light of day.

Random #6 – I find the women in the Palm Pre ad quite creepy. But on the other hand the Progressive woman, that many find creepy, I kinda like.

palm pre and progressive women

Guess that is all that is bubbling for now.