The incredible shrinking package…


shrinking dollarYou must have noticed it by now. If not their evil diabolical plan is working…shudder. Manufacturers are shrinking their products on us and not saying a thing about it.

Don’t believe me? Look closer next time you are in the grocery store. That box of Cheez-its has slipped by a few ounces. In fact for a little while before my local store ran out of the old boxes you could see the deception side by side.coke zero

Cereal, sausages, rice. No product is safe from the incredible shrinking.

The final straw came for me yesterday when we went to buy a 24 pack of Coke Zero. Problem is there were none to be found. Instead they had been not-so-cleverly replaced with 20 packs. Come on Coke did you really think we wouldn’t miss 4 sodas missing?? For shame.