The Fashion of Our First Lady Michelle Obama


I am not usually a fashion kinda girl. Those who know me personally would not just chuckle, but guffaw, at the notion. But I find myself really liking the Mrs.O blog that is dedicated to following the fashion of our new first lady Mrs. Obama.

Fashionable First Lady: Michelle Obama
Fashionable First Lady: Michelle Obama

I suppose it’s because I am such a fan of the first family and Mrs. Obama in particular. She has managed to bring a breath to fresh air into the White House the likes of which I don’t remember in my lifetime. This is not to take anything away from the many capable smart, and wonderful women we have in the role in the past. Irregardless of your politics you must give respect where respect is due. We have had some awesome women fulfilling the role of First Lady over the years.

But Mrs. Obama takes things to a whole new level . She manages to somehow combine the smarts that we have come to expect from our First Ladies with the grace and style we have not. She pulls off being both fashionable and approachable all in one terrific package.

Yes, what Mrs. Obama is wearing in the scheme of things doesn’t matter one little bit. But I have to admit I like having a woman in the White House that represents real women.  A woman who has had a successful career and managed to be an amazing mom. A woman who can put on a sweater set and broach from Target or a dress from hip young designer Jason Wu and pull either of them off beautifully.  A woman who you feel like you could hang out with and go shopping with and not feel in the least intimidated.

So Mrs. Obama my hat off to you. Next time I put on a pin or a string of pearls I will dedicate their wearing to you.