So inappropriate, but so squirt soda out of your nose funny….


Hold it…hold it…HOLD IT! Do NOT push play on this here video if you have sensitive ears or a sensitive nature. Really, I beg of you.

In fact don’t scroll down any further….do NOT look!

Really…don’t do it….

You think I am kidding…but I am not…

I beg of you….

Didn’t I say stop scrolling?!….

Oh…so you are the hard-headed type I take it?

You are still here??

Honestly if you have gotten this far you really can’t blame me anymore….

Last chance to get off this offensive train…..

However, if you are all kinds of “All heck NOTHING offends me” then be my guest and press play on “*@#k You If You Don’t Like Christmas.” Just don’t be drinking any soda when you do. Trust me…I learned that lesson the hard way.

Watch it and then go get yourself some of those multi-usage things.