Shooting for a spot on Regretsy…


Sometime when I am tooling around Etsy I stumble on items I could swear were created for the sole purpose of finding a spot on Regresty.

Here are a couple I found today (Oh and rest assured that I do indeed want every single one of these magnificent items. No way I would regret owning a single one of them. I respect each and every one of these artists for putting their work out there. Much love.)…

“Seasoned statements of diversity”

(1) Description
“This is a hand made one of a kind pair of ceramic salt and pepper shakers featuring our 1st and 16th presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.They are 2 3/4 inches high and come with rubber stoppers. Be the first person on your block or in your S & P collectors group to have these seasoned statements of diversity and honesty. Shipping is 7.00 in the U.S.”

Visit Modernfx ‘s shop to see more. (You can get a set of Mr. T salt and pepper shakers…black and white! But personally the porcelain baby head bank is what I am saving MY pennies for.)

“The octopus is a master of disguise”

(2) Description

“This listing is for a custom wall tentacle, to be built in a manner similar to the photo. All of my tentacles are hand made, no two are exactly alike, but the general size and, you know, awesomeness, remain constant. I will need a six week lead time to complete the piece.

The octopus is a master of disguise, and can change color at will, so I’m offering your choice of mottled paint colors (and porthole treatments). I’ve shown a few examples in my photos (actually, they are photoshopped color variations of the original orange-red tentacle, but you get the idea). ”

Visit ArtAkimbo ‘s shop to see more. (While you’re there pick up a Pale Green Wormbaby sculpture for me please.)

“The glitter effect really makes this piece stand out”

(3) Description

“This is a very unique figurine. The german sheperd has his tongue sticking out which I did in red. The multicolored ribbon is just beautiful. The glitter effect really makes this piece stand out. It would brighten up any space.”

Visit Lizart29 ‘s shop to see more. This Sculpture is hand crafted (The deer pin should NOT be  missed.)

“Life Is Good”

(4) Description

“This Sculpture is hand crafted of fired terra cotta clay coated with stone sealer. It measures 2.5” x 5”.”

Visit Moonshadowgift ‘s shop to see more. (Moonshadow seems to be an artist of few words but she might want to add “awesome” to the description on this one.)


(5) Description


Visit Midnightcast ‘s shop to see more. (There’s enough glitter and faux in there to satisfy the most discerning of shoppers.)