Recycling Light with Photoluminescent Pigments


The gorgeous glow these blown glass lamps are giving off is actually “recycled light” captured by photoluminescent pigments embedded in their glass.

Netherlands based designers Gionata Gatto and Mike Thompson call them Trap Lights and their goal is to convert wasted energy back into visible light.

And they do that beautifully.

Apparently about a 30 minute charge gives about 8 hours of beautiful glowy ambient light.

I scouted around the studio’s website and the separate website for this particular project, but didn’t find any details on if you’d ever be able to get your hands on one. I’m guessing that I’d have to give up..oh.. round about two mortgage payments to score one.

But that can’t stop a girl from dreaming about a backyard filled with Trap Lights

[via MoCoLoco]