Random photo I like (look it’s got cake and potato chips!)


Okay I may have gotten some of you under semi-false pretenses. Because while technically there may be cakes and potato chips in the photos you can’t see either of them.

The building in the background is the location of Charm City Cakes (you know The Ace of Cakes..Duff…and all that) and they guy in the foreground is the UTZ potato chip delivery guy dropping off the mother-load-of-chips (trust me I have watched him delivery before..what you say there is about 1/5 of the chips he is actually delivering) to The Dizz a wonderful little local bar and restaurant that never fails to serve up great bar grub at awesome prices (and the owner is a sweet lady who is always on hand to cook and chat with her customers).

So while you don’t SEE any actual cakes or chips you know there has got to be lots of cakes behind that wall over there and inside those chip tins are lots of chips. So it was only semi-false pretenses. I will appease you with a second bonus photo of The Dizz.

(click on photos for bigger version)

Baltimore UTZ and Charm City Cakes

Baltimore The Dizz