Otherworldly long-exposure flying bug photos…


Today I stumbled across some incredible long-exposure photos of flying bugs under street lamps in a flickr gallery.

Now I know what you’re thinking. It’s either one of two things…

(1) Bugs… street lamps… yawn.


(1) Bugs… street lamps… eeekk!

But trust me they’re fantastic, mesmerizing and, frankly, downright otherworldly. This summer I’d love to try some of my own.

Now after that buildup I can’t post any of them here because every photo in the gallery is marked “All rights reserved” (yes I really did check each, and it’s really every single one) and I don’t want to upset anyone. * BIG dramatic sigh *

But it’s totally worth going taking a few moments to visit Moth Trails.

But now for the good news, Charlie McCarthy posted a lovely video on Vimeo that’s using the same technique. I grabbed a few still to whet your appetite, followed by the full video course. (Go visit Charlie’s tumblr Skewed when you get a chance too, lot’s of nice eye candy.)

Long exposure moths under street lamp