Never underestimate nerdy white guys…


White guy, glasses, baseball hat, beard, making pancakes, rapping’cause sometimes lurking below that milky white-bread exterior can  lie the heart…and the skills…of a kick arse rapper.

No…wait….wait…I can hear the groans already. “Not another white guy who thinks he can rap.”

Seriously this guy has some lip numbing skillz (yes with a “z”…THAT’S  how impressive he is).

Plus the all important (at least for me) sense of humor shines through brightly as he whips up a stack-O-pancakes while laying down some lyrical lines…his version of Chris Brown’s Look at Me Now…that come flying out of his face like they are on speed.

Hm…is there a category of music called Speed Rap yet? If not I say we coin it and elect this guy king.

Click below to enjoy the stylings of Mac Lethal but before you do be warned that Mac has quite a potty mouth so if bad words hurt your ears skip this one (but you’ll be sorry if you do 🙂 )…