Modern office electronics in vintage ads…


I have a few habits that some may define as just slightly compulsive. Okay…okay… they are compulsive. I’ll admit it. (But there are worse compulsions to have. 🙂 ) One of those habits is to collect electronic copies of random vintage ads that strike my fancy. Sometimes it’s the colors and the overall design that inspire me. At other times it’s the content and copy that tickle my noggin.

I think advertising tells us a lot about ourselves. Each ad is a sort of idealized snapshot of a certain moment in time. Our desires and dreams encapsulated into a shiny hope-filled package.

I suppose ads from our past can be seen in a negative light, with not a little bit of sadness. But I think they can also be seen as hopeful and as the projection of our best and what we believe we can achieve. I think the truth…as it usually does..lies somewhere in between.

Below are just a couple of my favorite vintage ads for state-of-the-art office electronics that I’ve collected. Great colors and inspiring style.

Check out that National  accounting machine. That woman is brave. That thing is crazy intimidating looking.

And I love the name of the glorified calculator…the Figurematic. And at just eight pounds it’s portable!