Mind officially blown by World’s Smallest Movie…


Holy heck…the world’s smallest movie (Guinness says so, so it’s gotta be true, right?) is made of atoms!

No, really.

This teeny tiny stop-motion film “A Boy and his Atom” (you silly nanophysicists you) was made by moving single atoms around.

Yep, THOSE atoms.

Atoms are, of course, the smallest known particles of any element in the entire Universe.

The basic building blocks of matter. And apparently, now, of itty bitty films too.

IBM researchers managed to pull off this feat using a scanning tunneling microscope.

They moved thousands of two atom stacks around (carbon monoxide molecules) to create the movie that can only be viewed when magnified…get this…100 million times!

Yup, mind officially blown…

And if you’re curious how it was made (and I know you are) here is the “how it was made” video. Hey, I aim to please…