Meanwhile On Southover In Brighton…


So I’m trying to get into the whole Christmas spirit thing. I wasn’t quite feeling it and then this gem came along and BOOM all of a sudden I’m all kinds of cheerful.

But once again I must warn off the sensitive from clicking. Twice in a row…sheesh I must be a pervert.

But really there’s some nekid as a jaybird stuff going on here and the last thing I want to do is offend or worse yet permanently scar some innocent bystander. So if you have any little inkling that you might be offended just skip it and go here to watch a fluffy kitten instead.

[Prediction…this little clip will get pulled at some point in the nearish future and there will be a “sorry” below instead of a video…damn I hate when that happens.]

Matt Whistler’s Merry Christmas 2010 Southover Street Brighton from Convict Films on Vimeo.