Lord of the Rings gets a hypnotic remix Pogo style….


I’ve shared Pogo’s mesmerizing and hypnotizing remixes before. If you haven’t seen the others you should clicky click here and go to take a look (after you watch this one of course 🙂 ).

It’s hard to choose my favorite…they all make me really happy…but I think maybe it’s “Alice in Wonderland” by a hair since I’m kinda partial to all things Alice.

This here is Pogo’s latest. A right fine “The Lord of the Rings” remix. Maybe not my top favorite of all of them, but still very lovely. You get an “A” Pogo.

If you want to actually see Pogo (aka Nick Bertke) doing his remixing thing…the magic behind the magic…visit his site here for a “making of.”

It’s officially Pogo remix day at my desk.