Lighting a match? Meh. Recorded in ultra slow mo? AMAZING


If I had known what eye-boggling wonders lay in that simple match strike that I’ve done hundreds of times without a thought, I might have paused in a brief moment of reverence each time.

UltraSlo on YouTube has revealed that hidden world in all of it’s mesmerizing glory.

The macro sequence is shot at an incredible 4000 frames per second.

According to UltraSlo he had to use a super tight shot, 2000 watts of light and mirrors and reflectors to get the illumination needed to bring us this footage.

And I think you will agree, it was well worth it.

Oh, and if you want to show UltraSlo some love so he can continue to bring us such incredible footage hop on over to TubeStart here and donate a few Benjamins to his channel. Visit his website while you’re at it too.

Via the awesome Gizmodo