Just some landscape photos…from FREAKING MARS!


I’ll admit it. I sometimes I forget the incredible fact that we have actual honest-to-goodness real photographs from the surface of another FREAKING PLANET!

I mean how incredibly jaded have we become that we don’t just sit back in jaw-dropping awe of such a reality every single day of our lives?

We have photos from Mars people…MARS!

You know, that planet that is the fourth planet from our Sun?

Right now at this very moment we have a little rover vehicle rolling around on the surface of a planet that is about 225 million km. away from us (I think that’s about 139,808,518 miles…but I don’t do math so if it’s wrong it’s wrong) snapping pictures and gathering samples and measurements for us.

And the little rovers that could, as a group, have been doing it now for eight years thanks to the genius engineers at NASA.

Behold the alien beauty of the surface of a planet that is home to the highest known mountain (Olympus Mons) and largest dust storms in our solar system.

surface of planet Mars rocks and dust

Surface of planet Mars near Endeavour Crater rocks and dust

close up of rocks on surface of the planet of Mars

Botany Bay on the planet Mars rocks and dust