“Jabberwocky” A Poem Movie Animation


I think I may have mentioned before that I’m very drawn to anything Alice in Wonderland related for, perhaps somewhat obvious, reasons.

I grew up with a great fondness for Lewis Carroll and all things Alice. I tend to collect books and various related ephemera.

The Jabberwocky is one of my all time favorites. So I was quite excited to run across this very cool concept of poem animations, and to find there was one of Lewis Carroll reading the Jabberwocky.

The animations are done by Jim Clark a (in his own words) videographer, sound recordist, photographer, archivist of acoustic musicians and poets, computer animator, and poet.

Jim has a YouTube channel poetryanimations with lots more of these great animations. I encourage you to check more of them out.

Oh, and he’s available for commercial work ([email protected] ).