It’s Cookin’ with Alice..oh yeah


So my last post was about a meal I cooked. It’s kind of a big deal when I cook a meal. So I thought it was worth posting.

I got a lot of inquiries about my cooking after that wildly popular post. Okay one. Okay, so that person did not ask me directly about my cooking. But I am sensitive. I can read between the lines. I know he wanted to.

I have in fact cooked before. I even went through a period after buying our house that I was feeling just that side of almost-domestic and I cooked fairly often. In fact I have evidence of the fact. You are going to be SO impressed when you see what I dug up. Took me awhile….a lot of rooting around and digging…but I found the iron clad proof of my cooking prowess.

Dear Readers I present to you the only two surviving episodes of “Cooking with Alice”.



Here is make fajitas folks…FAJITAS! I know, impressive.


And this one is comfort food heaven with Shepherd’s Pie.