How science saved my soul…


You’re going to want to watch this. Trust me. It’s 15 minutes well spent. I was a bit teary eyed more than once watching.

For the record…and in case anyone cares…I personally have a deep and abiding faith and I don’t share all of philhellenes feelings about religion. But I do share some of them and I certainly can understand them.

And the reason I got goosebumps watching this is because my own personal faith…my own personal religion (which is by the way what I think religion ought to be…personal…NOT controlling…not punishing) does include pure wonderment and jaw-dropping awe whenever I take a moment to contemplate the universe and my place in it.

I am dumbstruck when I remember that I am stardust…I am the universe…and the universe is me.  (How awesome…and wonderful…and CRAZY is that?!) This rock solid understanding in no way has ever interfered with my rock solid relationship with my own personal God. I get to have my cake and eat it too. Yay me!

Sure philhellenes seems more than a bit angry at religion. But heck we all have the right to feel a little prickly and raw sometimes. Besides when you think for just a moment about all the horrible things that have been done in the name of religion you’d almost be silly to not feel a bit angry yourself.

It’s probably important to remember that organized religion is simply a construct of human beings and the truly maddening and heartbreakingly sad thing is that it’s actually humans that are so destructive to ourselves and to each other. We cause each other the pain.

At any rate watching this video is worth the small investment of time. philhellenes and I might not see totally eye to eye on everything, but I’m sure glad to be sharing this mortal coil with him.

[Via  Geeks are Sexy..thanks for posting it!]