Hey That’s Not News…


This is a little segment I like to call “Hey That’s Not News.” Every morning I watch a national morning news show–The Today Show–as I ramp up for the day.  And every morning I am treated to “news” stories that are just not news.

These are stories that belong on tabloid TV shows like Inside Edition or paparazzi gossip shows like TMZ. Yet every morning they take up a good chunk of a program on which the people call themselves journalists.

Hey That’s Not News….

Photos show Woods at sex-rehab clinic

After weeks out of the spotlight, cameras have caught up with Tiger Woods in Hattiesburg, Miss., at the Gentle Path clinic, a rehabilitation facility known for treating sex addicts. NBC’s Ron Mott reports.



Yes folks they have a reporter on the scene to report on this breaking news. And the pictures…well it appears they actually pulled them from, rather appropriately, the worlds number one tabloid The Enquirer.

Way to go Today Show. Way to show your journalistic integrity.