Head bursting adorableness ahead…


Goldfish in a lifejacket made of tubingA goldfish…

named Einstein…

in a “lifejacket.”

Do I really need to say more?

OK…maybe a little explanation is called for here.

Poor little Einstein the Fantail Goldfish got a terrible swim bladder infection and lost his ability to swim correctly. He ended up with air pockets that forced him to swim upside down in his tank. And needless to say, that’s a bad thing that eventually would mean death for the little guy.

But my new hero…Einstein’s owner Leighton Naylor…wasn’t ready to give up on him so he made him a teeny tiny little lifejacket made of tubing.

And it worked! Now, with the help if his special jacket Einstein can once again swim around his tank like a boss.

Prepare for mind blowing cuteness in the extreme. And then click play.