Haves and Have Nots…a Rant


Warning..I am a bit of a Debbie-downer today. You might want to skip this post which would more properly be named a rant. You’ll recognize it as the rant it is as I ramble and spew and moan my way through it. But hey at least there is a nice video to watch at the bottom as a kind of reward for those who wade through it. Well okay the video is actually what caused me to write the rant in the first place. I just wanted to share this nicely done video I ran across and then when I tried to write something to accompany it somehow I veered off course into full blown rant. Pardon me. I am so embarrassed. But really, it is a nice video. Really.

The whole seemingly futile effort to stop destroying this planet–to stop ripping out its guts both from a social perspective and from a purely environmentally one–has been on my mind a lot lately. It all feels interconnected to me and it all seems painfully pointless to fight it anymore. The obvious inevitable result being failure. People have been fighting the good fight for so long and with so little to show for it.

As a race it seems we are hell bent on the “gimme more more MORE” mentality with no regard or care for the way we are rotting from within. Enough is not good enough. Success is seen only as climbing higher and higher and damned with the consequences. We must double our profits, triple them, quadruple them. Exponential growth is how we define success. Resource limits be damned, human suffering be damned, true happiness be damned (we are drowning in a sea of antidepressants, the problem has gotten so bad that they are actually polluting our waters now!).

More and more we are a world of haves and have nots. We have allowed it to go so far as even incorporating water for goodness sake. WATER. Can anyone seriously argue that it is not a basic human right to have access to life sustaining clean water?

Meanwhile we pollute and destroy a natural resource we once thought limitless and through greed have caused unthinkable suffering.We box up animals on huge factory farms with no regard to the suffering or the environmental and social harm it does. We deny basic health care to our fellow human beings. We support capitalistic systems that have all but destroyed the middle class because we harbor in our hearts the hope that we too can one day be part of the magical super-wealthy 1 to 3% that control the majority of wealth. We lovingly protect the system because we have bought the dream hook line and sinker.

We have ignored dire warnings, predictions, and pleadings from those with the foresight to see where we were headed. We have squandered resources and failed to plan. And like the Romans and Mayans before us we are collapsing under our own poor choices.

We have the resources to end our dependence on oil. We have the resources to end hunger and provide water for all who need it. We have the resources to give basic medical care to those that need it. Yet we choose not to. We are all unwillingly to share our piece of the pie.

For those that stuck with me through the whole above rant here is your reward. The video is a sweet little animation done by Trunk Animation and directed by Alasdair Brotherston and Jock Mooney for the song “Bottom of the River” by the Tom Fun Orchestra.


Tom Fun Orchestra-Bottom of the River from trunk animation on Vimeo.