Freeing Valentina the Humpback Whale…


…ready for your good cleansing cry of the day?

Sit back and prepare for the waterworks as you watch the story of Valentina the humpback whale who got caught in a fishing net and faced almost certain death.

Fatigued and frightened she somehow managed to control the terror she must have been feeling, and in what very well may have been the last couple minutes of her life she allowed Michael Fischbach to get close enough to examine the net and access the seriousness of the situation.

{I was seriously weeping at this point in the story…not pretty folks.}

Thankfully this story does ultimately have a happy ending…Fischbach and his crew (family and friends) do manage to free the whale from the net…but wow what an emotional rollercoaster of a ride to get there.

And the show she put on after being freed is INCREDIBLE.

Being a sentimentalist…not to mention long-time anthropomorphizer…I choose to believe that she stayed so close to the boat to perform her water dance as a way of thanking her rescuers.

Be sure to visit the Great Whale Conservancy website.

[Be patient…seems to be a lot of traffic to this incredible story right now. But it’s worth the wait.]

(via Discovery)