Farmer’s Market Bound


Gerrit and I are trying our very best to be more conscious of our food purchasing habits.  We are picking organic and local farm grown food choices whenever we can. It’s not easy, but we are trying. The industrialized food system is just bad news for our health, our environment, and our workers.  For more information on the harm this system is doing be sure to check out the film Food, Inc .

We have a wonderful Farmer’s Market right here in our own neighborhood of Waverly in Baltimore. We used to go quite often and then fell out of the habit. We made it back this week and our committed to going every week for our fruit, vegetables, eggs, cheese, and bread needs.

Gerrit made us a to-die-for-delicious homemade soup last night with the vegetables we bought this weekend. With a loaf of fresh sesame seed topped bread on the side it was pure heaven.

I was to busy filling up shopping bags to get many photos this weekend. But here are a couple of our awesome Waverly Farmer’s Market.

(Click on images for larger versions.)

Waverly Farmer's Market 2009 1Waverly Farmer's Market 2009 2Waverly Farmer's Market 2009 3