Danielle Ate the Sandwich and Stole My Heart


Thought I’d share a little treasure with you. I started feeling selfish keeping it all to myself You can thank me in the comments.

Danielle Ate the Sandwich is, well, a girl named Danielle who writes songs and sings about stuff. Sometimes she sings other people’s stuff and she plays a ukulele (awesome!), sometimes a guitar and even tosses in a bit of violin in here and there.  She records silly videos and shares them with us on her YouTube channel. That makes me happy.

I guess you would call Danielle’s music folk. Having grown up in a hippie bohemian household (hi mom! waves) I guess I am predisposed to being fond of folk. That’s right, I am a dirty hippie and I am proud of it!

I ran across Danielle accidentally while randomly surfing YouTube–as is my usual way–a bit over a year ago. A girl who plays a ukulele and sings? I mean come on how couldn’t I get hooked?

I don’t have a lot of details to share about Danielle except she was born in Nebraska and lives in Colorado (got that from her bio). The silly skits she tosses into her YouTube videos are often uncomfortable and that somehow makes them, and her, all the more endearing. Her covers are fun to listen to. But her originals are where the magic are. They are often a really great sweet spot combination of raw real emotion and burst out laughing lines.

I choose a few of the videos to share with you here. But be sure to visit her YouTube and explore the rest of them. There are some more treasures in there.

Silly and fun cover. One of the first videos I saw of hers.

This is one of my favorites. Be sure to check out the original version in guitar and complete with one of Danielle’s silly skits.  Can’t decide if I like the guitar or ukulele version better.

Some guitar for you.

Love this sweet little cover.

Another one I am fond of. Something real in there that we can all identify with.

This one actually made me cry and laugh at the same time. True story. It is all kinds of awesome and brilliant.