Corporate logos through the eyes of a 5 year old


Starbucks coffee logo woman long hair and crown on green backgroundWhat happens when you sit a 5-year old down and ask her to tell you about a bunch of corporate logos?

That’s just what graphic and corporate identity designer Adam Ladd wanted to find out.

So he sat down one Sunday with his 5-year old daughter and the charming recording below is the result. In it we hear Ladd’s daughter describing the logos she is shown. Monster Energy logo green letter M

The exercise is both a testament to the power of corporate branding when even at her young age she indeed recognizes some of the logos…

“That is the coffee logo” (for Starbucks) and “That is the Disney”

…and the revealing randomness of the total miss logos for those brands that have not in any way entered into her 5-year old consciousness yet…

“That is a parade elephant” (for the Republican Party logo…and by far my favorite description) and “Those are little squirms” (for Monster Energy drinks).

[via Swissmiss]