Clone-ing around on Public Access….


Can I just say long live Public Access Television!

I stumbled across this awesome PATV program out of Columbia, MO called “Scientific Station” hosted by a guy named Brendan Craughwell and it was…well… love at first watch.

With every Tom, Sarah, and Bob out there with a webcam and a YouTube channel uploading random whiny weblogs, stupid practical jokes that only you and your buddy find funny, andΒ  videos of every thought you’ve ever had that we just don’t care about (no really) I really miss the charm and grassroots feel of real PATV. You just don’t get that with all that webcam shtick out there.

And although some of Scientific Station’s videos only have 12 or 14 views somehow Brendan convinced a brewery to “underwrite” the show. (Whatever the heck that means. Maybe they provide beer and snacks for the cast and crew?)

I tease…but I really think this is a nice little show and I wish Brendan and his sidekick sAm (yes she apparently does want it written that way…shrug) all the luck in the world in making it to the big time one day.

Oh and the second bonus video below is an on location shoot and is REALLY fascinating. A frog that freezes and revives itself in spring! Isn’t nature freaking amazing?! What a wonderful world we live in.