Young woman with Down’s syndrome launches her own business


Woman shredding papersEmma Lynam doesn’t let a challenge get her down. Instead she faces them head on.

Emma came into this world with more challenges than most of us have to face. She was born with an extra 21’st chromosome, a condition known as Down ’s syndrome.

In addition, she has a mild form of autism and some hearing loss.

As a result Emma has been unable to learn to read and write.

Emma’s mom Jo was concerned about her daughter’s future. She wanted Emma to be like any other 21 year old with a job that she enjoys that allows her to be a part of the community. And with an income that could sustain her.

Turning a challenge into a benefit

Emma’s lack of reading and writing skills made getting a job seem like the one challenge that Emma might not be able to overcome.

But it turns out this barrier didn’t stand a chance of holding her back. Instead this clever mom, and her determined daughter, figured out how to turn this seemingly insurmountable challenge into a benefit.

Emma launched her own no-reading-or-writing-required shredding business, “Master Shredder.” And she already has three clients.

It turns out not being able to read the documents she shreds makes her the perfect person to handle sensitive or confidential documents such as those produced by banks or lawyers.

Why is it that I suddenly feel like a big whiner and a slacker? 🙂