Which Way Now?

The things I thought I could count on were not there anymore. They were replaced by uncertainty. Would my mother be able to beat this illness? Would I be able to find a job? Would we be able to stay ahead of the bills. Would there be enough freelance to make ends meet or would things dry up. Without stability in my life I had become a nervous nelly. … Continue readingWhich Way Now?

Brilliant! New Soap Old Bottle

Dreamed up by Scott Amron of Amron Experimental, Inc. it is one of those simple, yet brilliant, ideas that I adore. Take old soda, water and beer bottles clean them up and put new liquid soap and cleaning products into them and you have New Soap Old Bottle. … Continue readingBrilliant! New Soap Old Bottle

Store Brand a Real Value: Guaranteed Value FTW!

I am a bit of a packaging whore. I tend to notice packaging and I am not ashamed to admit I will readily buy something based on packaging alone (although I am happy to say I will not continue to buy it if the product doesn’t measure up). … Continue readingStore Brand a Real Value: Guaranteed Value FTW!

Is time running out? The Demise of the Newspaper

I do have to step back and separate this from the current economic crisis and realize that the demise of the print newspaper may be inevitable. After all as we become an increasingly digitized society information that is changing by the moment does indeed lend itself to the medium. But there is still an in depth reporting and insight, a richness, to the printed newspaper that I don’t believe you will ever get online. Not to mention the importance of locally relevant stories. … Continue readingIs time running out? The Demise of the Newspaper