Blame Drew’s Cancer For All the Bad Stuff #BlameDrewsCancer


blame2At the risk of being accused of contributing to the echo chamber (I’ll just Blame Drew’s Cancer if you accuse me anyway…so there) I wanted to share a really awesome project with you called, yup you guessed it, “Blame Drew’s Cancer!.”

Drew–of Blame Drew’s Cancer—is Drew Olanoff. He was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Rather than sit around feeling sorry for himself over this horrible news, as I surely would have done, Olanoff decided to use his terrible situation to do some good.

Working with developer Mike Demers he created the site “Blame Drew’s Cancer” where you can blame his cancer , through Twitter, for anything you want from stubbing your toe to the fact that it is raining outside.

Olanoff and his crew are keeping a close count on all the Tweets and they are hoping that they can get an organization, or perhaps several, to contribute cash to the American Cancer Society and the Make A Wish Foundation for each individual “blame”.

To blame Drew’s Cancer for whatever you want just write your Tweet including the hashtag #BlameDrewsCancer

So go ahead folks..get to blaming.