Beautiful and terrible intimacy with Jónsi…


To promote his solo album “Go” Jónsi embarked on a series of “intimate in-store performances.” They soon got canceled after just a couple of performances.

Not surprising really. Jónsi seem like a very shy and quiet person and the space shown in these videos looks positively claustrophobic. I honestly cringed watching the videos seeing how surrounded and closed in he is. Nothing allowed for some personal space and distance in that place. From the full on regular lighting to the people that quite literally surrounded him it looks like it was an incredibly uncomfortable spot to be in.

Depending on your personality that kind of scene could be considered intimate or could be considered smothering. Apparently, Jónsi is the feeling-smothered type of personality. Me too Jónsi…I totally get it. Talk about feeling exposed…ugh. There’s simply no cloak of protection there.

But somehow, despite the fact that his nerves were apparently totally shot by these experiences, he still managed to pull off a beautiful performance. The audience had no idea of his inner turmoil.

Now THAT’S a true professional. I would have run sobbing from the room trampling people in the process. 🙂

We’re lucky enough to be going to see Jónsi live for a second time next week. Yay us! I’m sure it will be another amazing experience.

Oh and I promise to not get so darn claustrophobically close Jónsi 🙂