Baby elephant rescue will make you sad and then happy…


Baby elepehant in a hole in the groundStupid iPad prevented me from posting this earlier. But all good things come to those who wait.

And this IS a good thing. But it starts as a bad thing that makes your heart ache and your eyes get all shiny.

And the mommy love practically breaks your heart.Upset mother elephant

But then the happy ending makes it all better with more tears…lots of them this time….but of the happy reunion sort.

(Fair warning, if you’re at work your coworkers might just see you cry for the first time.)

Until you remember how endangered elephants are. How people are encroaching on the little spaces they have left to live and thrive and just BE elephants which is…let’s face it….a pretty darn awesome thing to be.

And then you also remember that a**holes who deserve to die slow and painful deaths kill these innocents for their tusks all the time STILL.

Mom and baby elephant running to each otherAnd then you realize you should maybe be doing your own form of baby elephant rescues.

You can visit Amboseli Trust for Elephants (the fine folks who rescued this adorable little guy) to find out more and how to help.

But meanwhile, take a look and marvel at how strong a mom’s love is.

And be be happy for happy endings.