Whomever said romance is dead CLEARLY doesn’t live at MY house…


…And I’m not talking about showing up with those tired old standbys roses, chocolate, and jewelry…yawn. (Unless that jewelry is a Kraken necklace. But clearly that goes without saying….duh.)

No, in my house to get the heart to go pitty pat you have to step up your game a few notches and do a LOT better than that. And lucky me my hubby is up to the task surprising me with the best unexpected gifts a kinda geeky girl could desire.

A month or so ago it was a bag of Star Wars Dark Side Coffee Beans. Which, in case you’re wondering, IS actually quite tasty.

This weekend it was two…count them TWO geektastic toys. A Dr. Who Andipose Stress Toy and a Bastardino by tokidoki. *Swoon* The perfect companions to go with my Dalek yet another surprise gift (you can watch a video of him paroling my desk here) from the hubby some time back.

So I know you’re probably a little jealous right now and you are dying to lay your eyes on these puppies.Ā  So without further ado I present to you Andipose and Basterdino.