When life hands you lemons…


man doing a handstand on crutches…or, as in this case, crutches…well…you know the rest.

I honestly don’t know much about this dancer. His YouTube Channel, Kanal von stixsteps, doesn’t reveal much beyond the fact that he’s clearly a badas* when it comes to dancing on crutches.

Supposedly I’m able bodied, yet watching me try to dance is kind of like watching a wounded…or perhaps dying… sea lion flop about on a deserted beach. So, as you can imagine, anyone with just a modicum of coordination impresses me.Β 

Well, Kanal doesn’t just impress me he blows me away.

His slow motion walk move…a-MAZE-ing! And the strength he must have for that pommel horse like move and that handstand…WOW!

He’s truly a joy to watch and a master at what in the last couple of minutes I have come to think of as Stix Stepping.