Sure I suck at art, but this guy doesn’t…


primitive looking unfinished Mona Lisa finger painting with blue dots for eyesIt’s true, I really do suck at art.

I mean, I do try from time to time. But the results are..well..let’s just say less than fantastic.

What’s really frustrating is that we have artists in the family so my dismal dabblings look all the more pitiful in comparison to the incredible things they produce.

(We have musical types in the family also and I can’t play an instrument or maintain a tune. I suppose that’s another story for another time, but let me just take a moment to say thanks nature…thanks a whole heck of a lot for skipping me when it came to handing out the artistic and musical genes.)


That’s why things like this finger painted Mona Lisa done with the iPad Brushes app stun me.

Notice the part where the guy draws in the blue dot eyes and the line for the mouth. That there is about the level I’m on when trying to draw or “paint” on the iPad.

[via b3ta]