Stunning timelapse…


Simply gorgeous.

Shot by photographer Dan Eckert most of the scenes were captured on or near Hwy395 in the California desert with a few from southern Arizona. According to Eckert some of the scenes were shot in long or hyper lapse…a technique I know nothing about. But judging from this film it must translate to awesome.

I’ve never seen traveling timelapse quite like the couple in here. And the flowing water scene, although short, was incredible to look at.

Save for a few clunky wipes this is nearly perfect. I think someone commented on the music choice, but just turn down the sound and add your own if it bother’s you. And honestly the video doesn’t even need a soundtrack to be stunning.

On Eckert’s Vimeo page he says he’s doing more video and timelapse. And to that I say, “Yes, please!”

[via kuriositas]