UPDATED: Magically dreamy footage of this morning’s rocket launch


Rocket launch from Cape Canaveral**UPDATE AT BOTTOM*: It’s been a deadline week so I’ve been more than a little short on time. But I had to stop to share this magical footage of this morning’s rocket launch in Florida.

Just before dawn this morning the US Navy launched a communication satellite from Cape Canaveral.

Strapped to an Atlas V rocket it flew up into the atmosphere. And lucky for us a gentleman in Florida caught the whole thing on tape because it was A.MAZE.ING!

Now don’t get my wrong, EVERY single rocket launch is an awesome event. But this one took the cake for the most visually spectacular that I ever remember seeing.

If you skip to around 2:20 in the video that’s when the real fireworks kick in. In a mystical moment of pure chance the sun hits the plume from the rocket at just the right moment and angle and BAM magic.


update: Other perspective

Unsurprisingly, the crazy light display caused by this week’s rocket launch caught some Floridians by surprise.

Video 1:

These guys wigging out over it… and speculating that it might be a missile or aliens… are the perfect example.

They remain surprisingly calm for what may be the last moments of their life (“HOW is that lit up right now? How is there a PHYSICAL light right here??” … “It’s gotta be nuclear.”) it that turns our to BE a missile. So well done guys! ๐Ÿ™‚ And they also provided us with another super cool look at the launch.

(Caution: Understandably, since this could very well have been the Apocalypse, there are some blue words in this video. Easily offended ears please don’t click.)

Video 2:

This guy’s video subscription lays it out for us. There are two options (1) It’s “something from another world” or (2) it’s a “secret rocket launch.”

And yet, once again our camera guy remains calm. Do Floridians naturally have nerves of steel? Or have they just seen so much crazy they can’t even anymore?